Dropping Safari for Google Chrome

by Keefe Tang

I have been using Google Chrome since it was released in 2008. The feature that attracted me to switch to Google Chrome was the unification of the address bar and search bar Google called the Omnibox.

It was an important feature for me because it simplifies my workflow. I can set a default search engine in Google Chrome and I would start typing what I need to search and it brings up the search result page of my default search engine. What is most valuable to me about the Omnibox however is the ‘tab to search’ functionality. This means I can open a tab and start typing say ‘y’ and ‘’ is automatically completed in the Omnibox, I then hit the tab key and I can instantly search ‘’.

This brings me to Mountain Lion’s new Safari feature, the Smart search field. While it is certainly a welcomed change by combining the address bar and search bar, it does not offer a similar ‘tab to search’ functionality in Google Chrome. Which is why I will still continue using Google Chrome until there is a solution to my needs.

It is shame because I was looking forward to switching to Safari given the unified experience between iOS devices and OS X is a very exciting feature for me and Apple is in a unique position to be able to deliver that feature better than anyone.