by Keefe Tang

Pakistan signs several trade agreements and border crossing agreements with India to boost trading.

Brazil turns themselves from being a net exporter to a net importer of people.

Inuit is looking to benefit from their natural resources.

In the coming years, Guinea worm will become the second known disease, after smallpox, to be completely eradicated.

Copyright laws goes for 3D printing.

Indian firm Aegis outsourced its call center to Dallas.

Tensions between Hong Kong and mainland China grows as the percentage of the city’s residents identifying themselves as Chinese dropped to the lowest number since 1997.

Cypress turns to Moscow for bailout funds.

Congo found oil that is worth about 28 times its GDP.

Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) claim sovereignty over the Persian Gulf island of Abu Musa and two uninhabited islands.

2013 will look nothing like 2012. Are you ready for it?

Source: Foreign Policy